What would it be like to work without pain?

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Imagine working pain free…

Regardless of how you’re hurting, pain makes work more difficult than it already is.

You want to just do your work and not have to think about your aches and pains.

You want to sit comfortably and to move freely.

I can help. I offer a range of treatment options including osteopathy, sports massage and individual movement advice, as well as bespoke desk setup advice.

My mission is to help you get back to living a freely moving, pain free life.

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Gentle, effective hands on care for all of your aches, pains and worries. Aftercare advice includes FREE Physitrack exercises to your phone.

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Clinical Sports Massage

Your little niggles and pre- event or post- event preparation all sorted and with safe, professional hands.  Get better and get faster!


Physitrack Home Software

Get your bespoke mobility programme delivered right to your phone.  Log in from your phone and watch your videos, give feedback or send messages.

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Ergonomics Consultation

Get personal advice and in-home office setup assistance tailored to the way you want to work.  Work healthier and happier.

Tracy is a real miracle. I called Tracy’s practice for the first time as I was experiencing extreme lower back pain due to ensuring stress and a bad sitting position I had developed over years. Which, in its acute phase, could result in me being not able to stand/ walk. I managed to have an appointment with Tracy the next day in the morning and a series of 4 bi-weekly appointments after that. Tracy took the time to understand my condition, provide me with sitting recommendations and stop the pain in no time. Since then, I went on to a 100 miles walk across the Cotswolds and I am enjoying the outdoors fearlessly like never before !! Thanks Tracy 🙂

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Osteopathy and Sports Massage Sessions




Allow 40 minutes




Allow 50 Minutes




Allow 60 Minutes




I value our time together and want to offer services to all of my patients when they need them. This means I have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Sometimes people are in pain and are waiting for help - perhaps you've been there too. Please let me know if you cannot make your appointment so that I may offer the appointment slot to someone else. 

Full fees are liable in the event you do not attend your appointment. 




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Sleep Coaching and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Both services will be available as online 1:1 coaching programmes



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