Clinical Cupping

Vacuum or Dry Cupping

Clinical Vacuum Cupping

Clinical vacuum cupping is also known as dry cupping.  Clients who like cupping appreciate the gentler dry approach to cupping. No heat or extreme suction is used.

Clinical vacuum cupping is ideal for those who do not like the strong direct pressure of typical manual techniques.  It is gentle and can help with trigger point muscular pain by increasing local circulation and promoting healthy blood and lymph flow near the skin.

Lubricant is used to smooth the surface of the skin and cups are applied and moved over the area, sometimes becoming static when treating a certain area.

The benefits people feel is thought to come from indirect impact on the superficial fascia just under the skin and many people, including Olympians Michael Phelps and Alex Nuddor have used cupping. 

Why have a clinically supervised cupping session?

I’m a fully regulated healthcare provider and my duty is first to be sure you are safe to treat and that your problem is not a serious underlying condition that might need referral.  Once you have been properly examined by me and you wish to proceed, you’ll get a very effective cupping session, knowing it’s safe for you.

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