On request from patients, I’ve started to trial a software program called Physitrack.  Physitrack allows me to develop custom exercise programmes for my patients and lets them view those exercises on their computer or smartphone.

As an exercise is completed, feedback gets sent to me to let me know if you felt pain during the exercise (which will enable me to modify your progamme).  I am encouraged that the feedback during exercise progressions will help my patients progress in their rehabilitation even faster than before.

  • Free access on the computer – iPhone requires .79 purchase for the app
  • Day by day exercises – log in and see what you need to do
  • Optional SMS reminders – for those who forget!
  • Send instant feedback to me on how it went and if you felt pain
  • I can update and change the exercises for you quickly, you’ll see them when you log in

Here is a short video on Physitrack and how it could help you get better faster!