SimplyHealth is a company which offers cash back plans that reduce the cost of variety of health care services.   We are happy to announce that osteopathy with Tracy Hannigan is now covered by the Simply Health Cash plan.

Starting at only .35p/day for the Level 1 plan, the SimplyHealth Cash Plan will give you cash back for up to 75% of your costs up to your plan Limit after submission of your claim form.

The Level 2 plan, at £16.25/mo, would give you back 75% of your treatment costs up to £100/annum.  That would be enough to cover a £50 consultation and a £45 treatment.  So for a £100 total claim, you’d pay your monthly £16.25, and get back £75.00 –  so you’d only pay £41.25 (the £25 left over, plus your £16.25 premium) after being reimbursed.  The cover is also available for different total annual costs for different services.

Why not go over to the Simply Health website at and get more details on osteopathy under the SimplyHealth Cash plan.

(please note that there is no guarantee that you will receive treatment  – the decision to treat is based entirely upon the clinical decision of the practitioner and is based upon what is determined in your consultation and examination)