Osteopathy has been shown to help with headaches that come from the neck (cervicogenic headaches) and osteopathy plus relaxation exercises have been shown to help with tension headaches.  Osteopathic care is equivalent to amytriptiline, a drug which treates headaches – which, if overused, can potentially lead to chronic recurrent ‘overuse’ headaches.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has recentlyprovided guidance on Headaches for the health services in England and Wales.  The guidance says that as many as one in 50 people suffer continual headaches from the chronic use of headache medicine.  When people are taking medication for headaches for more than half the days in a month for three months or more, they are at risk of having headaches that are caused by the very thing they have taken in order to alleviate their pain.

Osteopathic treatment with your London osteopath Tracy Hannigan includes a full assessment of your headaches. If appropriate then she will use manual therapy to reduce tension and stiffness, provide suggestions for gentle exercise in order to improve mobility, a do a triggers assessment to help find ways of preventing some kinds of headachese.  Tracy trained in evidence based relaxation techniques and frequently incorporates them into treatment.  She will assess your posture and your work environment as well, as ergonomic problems and eye strain can contribute to neck postures which can cause headaches.

Instead of continual medication use, try osteopathic treatment for your headaches.  You may be able to reduce your dependence upon medicines which might cause more headaches – the very problem they were intended to fix!

(do not discontinue prescription medication without consulting with your GP)