I’m really pleased to share with everyone that I’ve teamed up with the The Mum’s Chinwag to offer their cardholders a 10% discount on osteopathy and sports massage services.

Recently launched in one of the most diverse parts of London, the Chinwaggers is a new parent (and people with children) discount card that has been created by 3 mums from West London.

Focusing on introducing parents to local independent businesses up and down the City and online, they have teamed up with an array of shops, restaurants, cafes, fitness clubs, festivals and much more… covering areas such as Hammersmith, Chiswick, Kensington, Fulham, Chelsea and now Dulwich, which offer various discounts and special offers for the Chinwaggers card holders.

“Knowing that being a parent can be expensive business, we shop – not just for leisure but because we just have to! Things need to be paid for, whether activities for the children or food.  Either way a lot of expenses are going out, and sometimes exceeding what’s coming in” – Shamira Scott, founder of The Mum’s Chinwag and Chinwaggers card.

So to make things just a little bit more helpful they’ve teamed up with some amazing local businesses to give you some well deserved benefits!

Order your card today for £12 (plus additional £2 postage and packaging) from: www.themumschinwag.com

You might want to give them a follow on Instagram @themumschinwag and on Facebook at The Mum’s Chinwag