The 7th of November is National Stress Awareness Day.

But what is ‘stress’ ?

Everyone’s life is stressful in one way or another – and some people don’t seem to be affected by that stress.

That is because stress is simply the physiological and psychological response to a situation that requires us to adapt and change. Whether that is viewed as a positive thing or a negative thing depends upon the person.  You could view a situation with a ‘glass half full’ perspective and see it as an opportunity; or a ‘glass half empty’ perspective where you feel you lack the resources or ability to make the necessary changes.

Not all stress is viewed as negative stress – and associated with negative feelings – but for those who don’t find stress a positive thing, there are things that you can do to help ‘shift’ your viewpoint and see situations more positively.

Being calm and relaxed can help you see situations more clearly, and can help you see solutions more easily.  Tracy has trained in Evidence Based relaxation techniques as well as in NLP.  She often teaches people how to cultivate a deep sense of relaxation – using experiences rooted in their own experience – and shows them how to amplify those feelings.  Tracy then teaches people how to elicit those feelings when they need to use them.

People’s pain is often exacerbated by stress, and as part of your treatment, Tracy can help you to manage some of the responses you might have to your pain or its impact on your life.  This can help you not only learn to manage your pain better, but might help you relax and enjoy your life a bit more.

For a complimentary relaxation technique, see Tracy’s handout on a Word Cue Association Relaxation Technique that you may find useful.