[schema type=”review” url=”https://backpainwestlondon.co.uk” name=”London Osteopath Tracy Hannigan” description=”Osteopath Tracy Hannigan does effective ergonomics and postural advice consultations to help keep you out of pain.” rev_name=”Great Self Care Advice” rev_body=”I came for the osteopath for the first time…I felt very relaxed….Tracy gave me a lot of advice on how to sit and exercise in daily life. This is very valuable. I consider this visit well worth the money and I will come again soon. Many thanks Tracy. ” author=”Angela Zhou” pubdate=”2012-09-10″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]

One of the things I love about helping people  is seeing them feel empowered by the simple things.   Small daily habits can really have a strong affect upon people’s pain and potential for recovery.  People often know this is true for them – they just can use some support and information on how to apply that knowledge to daily living.  Some of this support will often include practical and efficient exercises and creating change in their desk setup which could help reduce the risk of injury.

This is a testimonial from a  patient who really valued the self care advice she was given.  If you’d like to book in, phone 020 3143 3163.