A patient review from the Local Google page about how good treatment takes into account both the symptoms and the cause. This approach helps to sort both the pain and the source of the pain, and helps you get better – faster.

[callout1]I went to a couple of osteopaths before but never got my pain problem sorted out before now. Tracey was really friendly and professional and I felt really comfortable with her. She did some treatment where my back and shoulder hurt but she also explained how a long term issue with my hip was making my back worse and treated that too. Everything she did was really gentle. We practiced an exercise to help make my back and hip move better, and then she even emailed it to me so I wouldn’t forget how to do it. After a few treatments my shoulder improved a lot and my back felt fine. If I ever need treatment again, I’m going to Tracey. ~L[/callout1]


Tracy Hannigan has been treating my neck and back….I have experienced her as very competent, skillful and supportive in her treatment of my various conditions.  She works holistically and ethically and involves me in my treatment plan (which includes realistic, achievable goals!)  Her passion and enthusiasm for her work is evident and I would recommend her, unreservedly, to anyone…  [client_name]Sharon Z[/client_name]

She has also improved the ergonomics of my home office. I am now well on the way to being able to walk again with pleasure. I heartily recommend her work to any one with posture problems and/or back pain.[client_name]Google Anonymous A[/client_name]
My mum has recently been diagnosed with curvature of the spine.  After exchanging a few emails with Tracy, she was able to see us within a few days of first contact. She was very professional and eased me and my mum’s worries immediately.   As the session progressed she kept us well informed of every procedure she was doing.   She has a very hands-on approach to osteopathy which allowed my mum to believe that this pain would get easier to deal with.  We left the appointment with exercises and advice on how to control the pain and ease the symptoms.  My mum walked in with the world crashing around her and left feeling like a new woman!!!  I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone with back pain, she is wonderful 🙂  [client_name]Sylvia S[/client_name]

I had seen a number of different manual therapists until I was lucky enough to stumble upon Tracy’s clinic. A combination of gentle but effective treatment and reassurance as to the nature of what my problem was, and I felt better immediately. I only needed two treatments before I was ready to get on with a home exercise program, and that was explained clearly to me so it was easy and actually fun to do. Thank you.[client_name]James[/client_name]

I came for the osteopath for the first time…I felt very relaxed….Tracy gave me a lot of advice on how to sit and exercise in daily life. This is very valuable. I consider this visit well worth the money and I will come again soon. Many thanks Tracy. [client_name]Angela Zhou[/client_name]