We all know that sitting too long isn’t good for us – but our lifestyles organised around desk jobs oftentimes means we have to. So – how do you look after yourself at work?
We know we need to move….but we forget, we get busy, and the day goes by without it happening.  We get ready for bed, with an aching back and say to ourselves ‘oh I need to try harder tomorrow’.
Feeling badly for not doing it doesn’t help. Making it easier to remember does!Here are three different types of software you can try to remind you to get up, stretch, or get moving.  They are all different – let me know which one is your favourite!
https://www.workrave.org/ – a reminder/work break timer.
https://monkeymatt.com/bigstretch/  – similar, can program own reminders in and set level of intrusiveness
https://www.lost.co.nz/software/soundbreak/index.html – non intrusive, sound reminder only