I have always been interested in shoulders – from their evolutionary development to how important they are in allowing us to use our upper limb and hand for basic daily activities.  When you have a shoulder problem, especially a chronic one like frozen shoulder, you can be incapacitated by that level of shoulder pain and shoulder stiffness.  It makes it difficult to do essential things – like reach up for a tin on the shelf, to put on your coat, to fasten straps or attend to your personal hygiene.

I am pleased to better meet the needs of patients with frozen shoulder in West London.  I have just been certified as a Niel Asher Technique practitioner for frozen shoulder. I am continuing my training in order to expand upon my ability to treat more complex shoulder problems with both Niel Asher and some prominent physiotherapists – and I will write more about both frozen shoulder and shoulder problems in the near future.

If you have shoulder pain or shoulder stiffness, you might want to read my page on frozen shoulder and book a consultation.