Is it just me or do the summer holidays get longer each year? When we break up in July, it’s so lovely not to have that early morning rush of bathroom tag, school bag hunts and grumbles over the cornflakes! But then it’s not long before boredom sets in and then the fun begins as we need to plan trips, outings, picnics, swimming, trips to the beach, fun parks and cinema. Keeping active children entertained and busy can be quite a job in itself, let alone trying to fit in a paid job, the shopping and all the housekeeping too.

And with younger children that means many weeks of constantly picking them up, bending and putting them down again. Then we’re lifting them, often at awkward angles, in and out of car seats, buggies and baths until our bodies begin to complain.

After lengthy summer holidays, I strongly recommend a checkup.  Not surprisingly, all that extra exertion on our bodies can lead to stresses and strains that we are not accustomed to. Sometimes this can manifest as pain or discomfort in a seemingly unrelated area.

For instance, someone may come to me with knee pain  After I have made my assessments, it may well be that I discover that their hip is the culprit and is referring pain to the knee (which is a common pattern). Although of course, every case is individual and different and the enjoyable part of Osteopathy is seeking out the true cause of a problem.

It’s also important to note that if the body is experiencing stress or pain over time, it can develop into a potentially worse problem. Sometimes those aches and pains can trigger a chain reaction resulting in pulls and strains elsewhere in the body. This is because our bodies are made up of several different and interdependent systems which all need to work together in harmony in order for us to be ‘fit and healthy’ as we usually say.

Getting your body back to optimum health and vitality is my passion. So if the summer holidays have left you drained and aching, come and have a check up and get things sorted before they develop into an autumnal angst that ends up being harder to resolve.