The egg controversy rages on!

Eggs have been demonised and glorified for a very long time.  The ‘logic’ appeared to be that high cholesterol is bad, eggs contain lots of cholesterol, therefore eggs are bad.  They were even likened, in one article, to be tantamount to cigarettes their negative effect on your health.

Then things flipped – dietary cholesterol wasn’t found to be a good predictor of serum cholesterol, and so the link between eggs and cardiovascular disease was mitigated.  Then someone suggests three a day in order to reduce our risk for cardiovascular disease.

It’s a bit scrambled, to say the least.

Yesterday an article on egg consumption and risk of heart disease and stroke was published in the British Medical Journal.  This dose dependent prospective study had two interesting findings.  Researchers found no association in the general population between those who eat eggs and the incidence of either manifestation of cardiovascular disease.  It found an association in those with diabetes, however people with diabetes are significantly more at risk for cardiovascular disease anyway and so this issue would need further study.

The study also found a dose dependent protective effect against stroke: the more eggs you ate, the less likely you were to have a stroke.

I’m sure tomorrow someone will publish another study saying eggs are not good for cardiovascular risk – but until then, consider the fact that eggs are very good for you in several ways:

  • They have very high and very bio available levels of choline.  Lots of people are deficient and our primary source of this key nutrient is dietary.
  • They are high in lutein, which is important for eye health and the prevention of macular degeneration.
  • They are an excellent source of protein – and the very important vitamin B12 – particularly for those who don’t want to eat meat.

And, in the age of ever increasing meat and fish prices, eggs are a bargain nutrient packed food that can be prepared in a lot of interesting ways.

I love my eggs and am happy, for today, that there is little broad evidence that they are anything but really good for me!

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