Colds, norovirus and influenza become more common this time of year.  Once you are unwell, you can be contagious for up to a week (though peak virulence in colds and norovirus is approximately 3 days).   For these reasons, many schools tell parents that if their children are unwell and feverish, have vomited or have had runny bowels that they must stay home from school for a minimum of 48 hours and sometimes up to 72 hours. This is to help avoid making everyone sick.

Osteopathy is a very hands on treatment approach with close physical proximity during many treatments.  Because of my professional obligations to your health, if I get a viral illness, I must cancel everyone’s appointments for *at least*  the following three days.  If I did work, I could make you or someone else unwell. This is especially problematic for those who have health conditions, or are very old or very young.

I take my obligation to your health very seriously and am asking for your help.  If you have an appointment, but are feeling unwell, or if you’ve had a fever, vomited or have had diarrhoea within the last three days, please contact me to cancel and reschedule. If you’re not sure if you are contagious, contact me and we can discuss it. If everyone does this, it can help reduce the risk that you – or someone else – gets a nasty virus this winter.

You can call the receptionist on 020 3143 3163 to reschedule – and every email reminder now has a link for cancelling and rescheduling.

Thank you in advance!  And please – if you don’t feel well use some of the tips from this infographic (courtesy to help you feel better faster!