The 5×50 Challenge for 2013 is almost over now – a few days and just one more km to hit the ‘end goal’.  It has been more challenging than I thought.   It isn’t so much an issue of having to develop fitness, but I had to use time ‘commuting’ to get my mileage in.  This is a common issue for busy people who want to exercise – and I have always done it to the best of my ability simply for health’s sake – but I know for myself if I have a concrete goal to reach at the end I can be more motivated to make it an ‘event’ rather than something I incorporate, which makes it more fun for my ‘competitive side’ !

To that aim, I have booked into my calendar to sign up for next year’s 5×50 Challenge as well as for a specific late May event.   I’ll be looking for something in the Half Marathon distance and something within a train’s reach of London  – so if you have a suggestion do let me know!

I plan to sign up for the Gherkin Challenge – a run up the 38 floors of the Gherkin in aid of NSPCC. This fun event is planned for mid June – join me?