Back care is important – back pain both disables and torments many people in the UK and throughout the world.  The financial burden is tremendous – it costs the UK economy about £37 million, £13 million in disability and £1.3million from the NHS budget – EVERY DAY.   That adds up to over £19 billion each year.

This year’s Back Care Awareness Week is focusing on the construction industry.  Construction employees account for over 300,000 back injuries a year.

You can learn to care for your back by having a check-up with Tracy, your London osteopath.  She can identify the source of your pain, and can treat it.  She will also show you how to lift safely and how to functionally improve the strength and stability of your ‘core’ and reduce the chance of re-injury.

To show support for Back Care Awareness Week Tracy is offering four half price consultations, good this week only!  Call 020 3143 3163.