The 9th International Conference on Advances in Osteopathic Research was held 14-16th September at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine.  The purpose of these conferences is to present and review research that is relevant to the development of an evidence base for osteopathic practice.   Research was presented by a group of  international osteopaths, basic researchers and DOs from the US and was attended by researchers and clinicians interested in research.

The conference topics were extremely varied and represented a wide range of interests including

  • Dr Lisa Hodge (USA):  Lymhatic Pump Treatment Enhances Clearance of Pneumonia
  • Dr Gary Freyer (USA): Electromyographic responses of deep thoracic transversospinalis muscles to osteopathic manipulative interventions
  • Dr Ian Drysdale (UK): POSTE Study: Patients OSTeoathic Experience: A UK National Survey of Patients Part II
  • Ms Marjolaine Dey (France): Effect of MET on TMJ and talocrural joint on gait efficiency: randomised, single blind placebo controlled study on asymptomatic subjects
  • Mr Steve Vogel (UK): Adverse Events and Treatment Responses in Osteopathy
  • Mr Francesco Cerritelli (Italy): Is osteopathic manipulative treatment effective in Migraine?

And more….

I presented my dissertation research on passive stiffness at the hip and its relationship to strength, anterior tibial translation, and lower limb anthropometric measurements.  This work helps to develop an evidence base that challenges common clinical self care advice and reinforces the need to do basic research.

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I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with colleagues and seeing them at the next conference.