As I mentioned, I put ‘sign up for 5×50’ into my diary after completing last year’s challenge and this year I’m much better placed to participate and enjoy it!

The challenge last year was that my entire life was in a bit of a heavy surf – lots of change – and consistency wasn’t what it could have been and certainly not what it had been in many previous years. I’ve always exercised and as a clinician I always work to help people find practical and low- stress ways of adding a bit more exercise into their daily lives.  It isn’t as hard as you think to do the little things that can add up to a healthier lifestyle.  Since last year’s challenge I’ve done that and been more active with purposeful training.  I did the Gherkin Challenge (and will do it again this year), ran a 10K in support of a local primary school, and am dabbling with a few more 10Ks and even training for something like the MuckyRaces Sole Destroyer or Tough Mudder for next year.  Join me and follow my progress through this year’s challenge!