Today I did my 5×50 Challenge as an ‘on the way home’ adventure.  I’ve walked this 7.5k route before but it has been quite some time since I did.  The walk was OK – just city streets. I usually have gone a bit ‘out of the way’ or through the parks along the way – but I was pressed for time and not feeling very energetic. When walking in the city, I try to walk on quieter roads so as to avoid bus fumes but the most direct roads west are pretty major ones.

More interestingly for passers by, I was covered in feathers – and the further I got from Trafalgar Square, the odder the looks became. They were plastered on my jacket and in my hair. I almost wished I had an ‘International Pillow Fight Day Survivor’ Tshirt on. The pillow fight itself was extremely fun to watch – everyone so good natured! Most excitingly, I caught my very first pickpocket IN ACTION. I was wearing my Healthy Back Bag and slung it around safely to the front of my body.  After taking a photo, I glanced down with eyes only – and saw a hand trying very hard to wend its way around to the zip, which was out of reach. I took hold of that hand and turned around – and the person darted away redfaced.  Another great reason to wear a Healthy Back Bag Co bag in public!!  If I were wearing a normal bag, I’d have lost my Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 lens – which would have cost £1500 to replace if I could have afforded it.

The event was more exciting than the walk but I did it and I feel good for having done it. I was wearing my beloved Salomon crossmax neutrals. I ‘pronate’ but I can’t wear antipronation shoes so I do some very cool exercises (will show in a future post) to help correct my pronation tendencies biomechanically. Here are a few photos from today’s festivities !