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Tracy offers personalised high quality gentle osteopathic healthcare and lifestyle consultations to help you with your aches and pains.

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Enjoy Life Without Pain

You want to pick up your children and play with them, but you are hesitant because the movement hurts you.  You you feel frustrated and upset every time you move.

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Work Without Pain

You are in pain all day long, and are frustrated with the impact on your work and the rest of your life.  You’ve had to take time off because you are hurting too much.

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Enjoy What You Used to Enjoy

Being hurt is frustrating and isolating. Injuries make life pass you by when you want to be enjoying your free time hanging out and playing with your friends.

How I Can Help


High quality, personal treatments tailored to your needs include manual therapy, ergonomics advice and exercise prescription and lifestyle support.

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Gentle, effective hands on care for all of your aches, pains and worries. Aftercare advice includes FREE Physitrack exercises to your phone.

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Clinical Sports Massage

Your little niggles and pre- event or post- event preparation all sorted and with safe, professional hands.  Get better and get faster!

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Ergonomics Consultation

Get personal advice and in-home office setup assistance tailored to the way you want to work.  Work healthier and happier. Assessment and Treatment.

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NLP For Pain

Walking through a guided visualisation using Neurolinguistic Programming and self hypnosis, this process interrupts ‘old’ pain signals that are no longer useful for the body or made worse by stress.

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Clinical Pilates

I offer gentle clinical pilates matwork based corrective exercise for those in acute pain as well as more functional sport specific mobility and rehabilitation programmes for patients.


Physitrack Home Software

Get your very own personalised home movement and mobility programme delivered right to your phone.  Log in from your phone and watch your videos, give feedback or send messages.


You are in pain and I’ve been there too.  Unable to dress, unable to play, unable to pick up a kettle —  and unable to pick up my son.

I understand you. I’m also an osteopath who can help you get back to living the active life you want to live.

Book in today and let me help you get better faster.

An old shoulder injury had started to get painful and affect my upper arm. It was getting extremely painful and I could not play sport, let alone play with my 3 young children. Tracy’s approach was to treat surrounding areas first before treating the shoulder. She then explained some stretches that would help recovery. It worked a charm and i’m back on the tennis court again. Tracy was friendly, a very intuitive listener and very professional. I thoroughly recommend her.

Steve Parkinson

Online Booking and Online Aftercare Support

Book online for osteopathy, sports massage, or any other service - or to just have a conversation to see if you like my approach.  You'll always get personal service.

To help you get better faster, you'll also be able to access your own personal exercise and stretching advice right on your phone using a free application or via the web.

Get Better Faster

What Do Patients Say?

A little while back I started what I believed to be the early signs of a frozen shoulder. It would've been my third, so I know the signs and more importantly I know how truly horrible they are. I had also read about the Niel Asher technique and the importance of early treatment. I was very panicked and a little pesimistic about the situation but found Tracey through internet research. My view today is that she has saved me from what would have been a terrible few months. Through incredible reassurance, some careful but effective manipulation and a very good ongoing exercise regime and dialogue, the shoulder hasn't been allowed to freeze and is now well on the mend. I have done about 6 sessions with her, far fewer than I have had for previous frozen shoulders, when I got in there too late and had poor results. I cannot recommend this technique with her highly enough.

John Roberts

I came to Tracy after moving house and therefore needing to transfer Osteopaths. She was very welcoming and understanding. She picked up where my last Osteopath had left off and broadened my route to recovery. I would thoroughly recommend her as an Osteopath. She is easy to talk to, knowledgeable and considerate. I will remember her advice and continue her techniques for as long as it takes

Rebecca Hurst

I came to Tracy because I had very bad back pains that were radiating through all of the left side of my body. The first time I saw Tracy I was in a absolute state but she was quickly able to see me and had a very gentle touch which was exactly what I needed. She also gave some tips and pointers for things to do at work to prevent pain. I was later also helped with pains in my wrist due to an old injury. She treated the wrist and the pain is completely gone. I would fully recommend Tracy, she is very professional and has helped me tremendously both with the treatment and answering all my questions.

Laurie Tack

Tracy Hannigan has been treating my neck and back….I have experienced her as very competent, skillful and supportive in her treatment of my various conditions. She works holistically and ethically and involves me in my treatment plan (which includes realistic, achievable goals!) Her passion and enthusiasm for her work is evident and I would recommend her, unreservedly, to anyone…

Sharon Z

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