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Taping Services

Unlike many professionals, I do not charge for taping as an adjunct to my regular followup sessions.  I always aim to show patients how to tape themselves as part of their routine followup.

However, I offer a taping service for existing patients, which includes a 10 minute ‘minivisit’ for taping only.

Taping can be either supportive strapping, such as to stabilise an ankle, or supportive and symptom relieving – such as taping plantar fasciitis. Some people also get pain relief benefits from other types of more stretchy types of taping in different areas of the body, such as across the back and shoulder, as a part of overall rehabilitation.  I like these taping techniques a lot as they provide support and change without immobilising the body so you can continue to move and heal.

This is an appropriate service for patients who want further guidance on ways to tape themselves, or who need a quick strapping before heading to a sporting event.

The service fee includes a 10 minute visit plus tape and heel and lace pads as required.  I typically use Strappal Dream Tape and Zinc Oxide Tape, RockTape, PowerTape Coehsive and Power Tape Strapping depending upon the need.  Underwrap included for patients with sensitivity to adhesive.

Fee: £10 per area taped.


Taping Session Hints

  • Make sure the area to be taped is clean and dry. 
  • No lotions, moisturisers or other topical treatments. These things make it hard for tape to stick!
  • Shaving? Shaving the area a couple of days in advance is a good idea if you can do it, particularly if you are hairier! Some taping techniques have their effect through altering sensation (rather than restricting movement) so a bit of stubble can help with this. But, as with oils, lotions and creams, too much hair can make it hard for tape to stick and stay.