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Common Injuries

Some of the most commonly seen injuries athletes suffer include:

  • lateral ankle sprains
  • lisfranc injuries
  • plantar fasciitis
  • shin splints
  • meniscus and ACL injuries
  • hamstring problems
  • golfer and tennis elbow
  • tenosynovitis of the hand
  • and many more!

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Sport injuries and osteopathy

A sports injury such as a muscle strain or tendonitis can not only interfere with your game, it can cause long lasting pain if not properly cared for.  Minor sports injuries are like almost any other injury in that they can get worse if you don’t give them proper attention.

A muscle strain is one of the most common sports injuries, particularly in sports such as tennis, football or any other sport where a person is running or moving rapidly from side to side.  A strain is actually a muscle tear and can be quite painful.  The risk of having a strain can be minimised by proper functional dynamic stretching and warming up.  A minor muscle strain will heal on its own with a bit of rest while a severe case can take months to completely heal.

Tendonitis is another painful and common sports injury.  Tendons are the fibrous tissues that connect your muscle to your bones.  Muscles affect bones by pulling on them and tendons transmit the force of the muscle to the bone.  When tendons become inflamed because of injury or repetitive movements it is called tendonitis.  Common symptoms are pain when moving the muscle, tenderness at the site of the tendon and swelling.  Gentle osteopathic treatment can aid recovery.

You can usually avoid a sports injury by wearing the proper equipment and clothing and warming up and doing dynamic functional stretches before your favourite activity.  A regular, year-round exercise program can also help avoid a minor sports injury.  Sitting around for long periods and then having ‘exercise binges’ could make you more prone to injury.

In rare cases a person may think they have a muscle strain or tendonitis when they have actually sustained a hairline fracture or a more serious ligament tear.  Because this is a possibility, you should always check with in with your osteopath or physician if what you think is a muscle strain or tendonitis does not improve or appears unusually swollen, or if you feel at all queasy or unwell with your pain.

Minor sports injuries to children should always be checked, especially if they do not seem so bad at first, but later the site is feeling painful.   What appears to be a sports injury like a muscle strain or tendonitis in a child could very well be a bone injury that could require immediate attention.

I have a special interest in the exercise rehabilitation of athletes and recreational sports people.  If you hurt yourself playing your favourite sport, book in for a full consultation and find yourself pain free and back in the game.

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