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Nerve Pain and Osteopathic Treatment

Neuralgia, or nerve pain, refers to a severe and often intermittent pain that is caused by changes within a nerve or malfunctioning of the nerve.  Sometimes it causes severe facial pain (trigeminal neuralgia) that can be quite debilitating.  Neuralgia is more common in the elderly but can strike people of any age.

People with nerve pain from neuralgia might feel particularly sensitive along the path of the nerve that is affected; any pressure or touch on the skin is felt as pain.   It is typically caused by an abnormal discharge within the nerve as a result of nerve trauma.  This trauma to one nerve can cause normal signals (such as touch and movement) in that nerve and other nerves to be experienced as pain.   Some nerves will ‘sprout’ if damaged, and abnormal sprouting can cause neuralgia.

Numbness that comes and goes may be present or it may manifest as burning pain.  Sometimes there is weakness or paralysis of the muscles that the nerve supplies.

Neuralgia can also be caused by chronic renal disease, diabetes, medications, malnutrition, trauma or chemical irritation, and can occur after an infection such as shingles.   In a lot of cases the cause remains unknown.

Neuralgia can take many forms but commonly occurs in the face, the back of the throat, and at the back of the neck and head.

This kind of facial and head pain may also be caused by an abscessed tooth.  If you have facial pain you should consider seeing your dentist to rule out oral infection or a tooth condition that could be affecting your nerves.

There are many treatments for neuralgia and fortunately most of them are non-invasive and safe.  I can help relieve some kinds of compression that affects nerves and give you advice which can help prevent nerve pain from getting worse.  Book in for a consultation today.

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