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Lower Back Pain Relief and Treatment


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Back Injuries

Many things can cause lower back pain injuries – sometimes it is hard to know what caused the problem because the pain is a result of a buildup of problems over time.

The most common causes of low back injury are:

  • poor lifting technique or overlifting
  • awkward lifting (turkeys from the oven!)
  • sports trauma
  • repetitive poor postures


Causes of Lower Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common conditions and affects adults of all ages.  Not only is pain a problem, but low back stiffness can develop from guarded muscles.  If the problem isn’t taken care of, over time abnormal muscle behaviour can cause further pain and injury.

Common causes of low back pain include:

  • muscle spasms
  • joint irritations
  • ligament strains
  • intervertebral disc prolapses

Occasionally low back pain can be caused by other problems as well. A full history and assessment can help determine the cause of the pain.

Massage isn’t always the first answer – chronic pain patterns and longer term compensation patterns can develop if the initial problem is not treated properly.

A full clinical and orthopaedic assessment by a qualified professional is key.  This will determine the most appropriate treatment plan and guide aftercare advice to help you feel better longer – with the goal of preventing future pain.

Treatment for Lower Back Pain

The exact treatment you will be offered will depend on precisely what is causing your pain and what the evidence says can help – guided in full by your preferences and consent. If the pain is coming from injured tissues or chronic muscle problems, treatments often will include soft tissue releases, joint mobilisations, positional release techniques, and massage techniques to the affected or surrounding areas.  Exercise as well as work and daily living activity support will be provided to help support you between treatments.  Those who may benefit may be guided to cognitive behavioural approaches to helping manage their pain, in line with national clinical guidance.

The aim of treatment is of course to reduce pain and stiffness.  Optimal treatment will encourage healthier movement and muscle engagement patterns and will be tailored to your activity needs.  Areas around the pain may be treated, as well as parts of the body which might be contributing to your pain.

Lifting techniques can be advised, sleeping positions suggested, and sports specific rehabilitation can help keep you training.

All aftercare advice will be tailored to your needs – so you can get better faster!

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