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Tracy Hannigan - London Osteopath

Be pain free in Brook Green, which is nestled between Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush.

You can book in with me by phoning 020 3143 3163 or by booking online.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8-4

Friday 8-2


  • Initial consultations 50 mins  £55
  • Follow up visits 35-40 mins £48

The clinic is at 51 Addison Gardens. Complete directions are also sent with your appointment reminder for your convenience.

Payment is by cash or credit card.

If you are a GP, I welcome your referrals.  You are able to refer to me as a fellow healthcare professional (just as you would refer to a physio department). Read about the GMC’s guidance.

51 Addison Gardens
W14 0DP
Phone: 020 3143 3163

Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Full fees are liable in the event you do not attend your appointment or when cancelling at short notice.  If you no longer need your appointment, please let us know so your appointment may be given to someone else.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes temporary mild discomfort can happen during treatment, but you shouldn’t feel ‘pain’. Please always tell me if you are uncomfortable or in pain during a session.

All first appointments with me will need 50 minutes. This is so I can do an initial interview and examination to ensure sports massage is the right approach, and to devise a treatment plan with you.  If I feel that you need a different kind of help – even if that means referring you to someone more appropriate – I will help you make that happen.

Initial sports massage sessions will typically have approximately 30-35 minutes of hands on treatment depending upon the issue.

Followup sessions will last 40 minutes and will be a quick catch up and treatment.

Longer followup sessions of 1 hr, for example treating multiple areas, can be booked online using the ‘Extended Sports Massage’ option

On the first visit I will ask a lot of questions and do a very thorough examination. The aim is to determine if osteopathy is a safe route for treatment. Barring any contraindications, the aim is to always provide some treatment during the first session.

Some people feel better immediately and need to only book in a check up now and then to be sure all is on track.

Some people need more time.

It is impossible to generalise as it depends upon what is happening as well as lifestyle and psychosocial factors.

I would never suggest you see me more than is clinically necessary. My goal is to see you feeling better and looking after yourself well.

  • Your first appointment will last approximately one hour.  You will be asked about what is bothering you, your health, and your medical history.
  • I will need to examine your body to determine the cause of your pain.  I may need to see areas which are not painful.  For neck, upper or lower back and pelvic problems, it may be important that I can see the whole of your spine and limbs at the initial and follow up appointments. I will as you to undress (and remain undressed) to your bra and pants, to ensure that problems contributing to your symptoms are considered. Gown or towels are not usually used as these get in the way of a detailed assessment.
  • If you have a limb problem, you may wear; a T-shirt during the treatment of lower limb problems and more modest shorts during upper limb treatment. If you feel unhappy with showing parts of your body, let me know in advance and I will let you know if we can work around this and still have an adequate examination. Please feel free to bring a chaperone.
  • I will look at how your joints move, and will ask you do perform movements during the exam. I will touch your body, with permission.  During the examination I  will explain my findings and what may be contributing to your problem. If treatment is appropriate then I will suggest a plan of action.
  • You can stop the interview, examination, assessment or treatment and leave at any time.

The scans are not always necessary – if you have a report, that is very helpful to bring.  I will scan a copy for your file and you can keep the original.

If you have scans but no reports, please let reception know when you are booking in as I will need a bit of time to review them during your consultation.

YES.  Just like any other medical professional, I must assure your confidentiality.  No records will be released without your written permission.

It is important that you feel comfortable during your osteopathic treatment, particularly around matters of modesty and privacy.

At the start of your first session I will ask questions about your medical history and lifestyle as well as your symptoms. This is very important as it will help me to make an accurate diagnosis and suggest appropriate treatment. This information is kept confidential in conjunction with the Data Protection Act 1998.

I will need to examine the area(s) of your body causing discomfort. Sometimes the cause of the problem may be in a different area to the pain, (for example, a difference in leg length may result in compensations in the upper back which might result in neck pain) so I may need to examine your whole body.

I will need to feel for tightness in the muscles and stiffness in the joints and may need to touch these areas to identify problems. I will explain this as we go along, but if you are uncomfortable with any part of this then let us know, we can discuss this with you or stop if you prefer.

As with a visit to a GP or other medical professional, for us to examine you effectively it may be necessary for me to ask you to remove some clothing as appropriate for the condition. This may mean undressing down to your underwear. If this is a problem for you then let me know and I will try to make arrangements that make you more comfortable.

You are also welcome to bring someone with you for all or part of your consultation, and children should always be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Remember, if you have any questions I will be happy to discuss this with you.

There is only a female clinician in this clinic.

Osteopathy can treat a lot – but not everything.  Where it can’t ‘fix’ a problem it can often help you feel better (which can help a lot, and can help you do what has to be done to ‘fix’ a problem!)

In that case, as your osteopath, I’m committed to your overall well being and will work in tandem with your healthcare team.

If I feel that your needs are best met through consultation with another healthcare professional, I will always ask before referring you, and I will always discuss the reasons why.


Why prefer a residential clinic?

I used to work on Harley Street, Wimpole Street and also spent some time working in St Pauls.

The cost in those clinics was higher for my patients (up to £90) and appointment times were shorter (as short as 30 mins).  I couldn’t be available for more than a few hours a week so it was challenging to provide clinical continuity.

I gave that up to work from a residence and it’s worked beautifully for my patients and allows me to better serve them.

  • Flexible appointment times
  • Appointment lengths can vary
  • No costly premises means lower fees
  • No big parking hassles
  • Closer to home and work

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